Call Centre

At Torch networkwe have call-centres that can phone to research your business data on your behalf. We can also stay in touch with your existing clients on your behalf. Our call-centres are a cost-effective way to contact existing and potential clients, you save on the employment and fixed costs of operating a call-centre.

Our call-centre is busy generating leads for financial advisers across the UK but it also makes enquiries on behalf of our customers to follow up their marketing campaigns. For example people who reply to emails sent as part of a mortgage campaign will be called to check that they are genuine in their request for a call-back before being passed to mortgage broker. This eliminates time-wasters and saves you both time and money getting straight to your real clients. We call this process "confirming" and it has proved very effective in increasing the profitability of running large-scale campaigns.

The call-centre only makes calls to people who have expressed an interest in a product or range of products, we never cold-call. As well as being ethically sound it means that by the time you see the end result of your marketing campaign your potential clients will have expressed an initial interest, responded to the campaign and been confirmed by us. Therefore potential customers will have said yes to you three times already!